About Us

We’re not just another subscription or gift box!  We curate each box to your wants and needs. That’s exactly what the founder and co-owner Joey Kinney was thinking while shopping at a local store when he ran across a dual remote control heated blanket. The thought of having a preference with how warm you want to be, should apply to many things in life…like a subscription box. Basically, he wanted more options and why not?

The founder, Joey Kinney has been a subscriber of other subscription boxes for years, but was always frustrated when there were no options and stuff kept coming each month that wasn’t going to be used. He decided to start his own monthly box and presented the idea to his wife/co-owner Amalia Kinney and their friends/co-owners Ron and Elizabeth Whitby. Together, they put all their ideas, insights, experiences and skills to work. In just short few months cannaSWAG was born and will be launching on April 20, 2022!

Our mission is simple, it’s YOUR box, so it should be geared to YOUR smoking preferences. Each box will have items you want & need for your next smoke session AND some kick ass swag!

Meet our Team


  • Joey Kinney - CEO/Founder 

        Joey Kinney

    • Joey was born in Rock Hill, South Carolina and moved to Texas in 2008. He worked in I.T. industry for over 20 years.
  • Amalia Kinney - Co-Owner/Marketing Director
    • Amalia enjoys the creativity of marketing and designing the swag for the company. 
  • Ron Whitby - Co-Owner/ Director of Sales 
        • Ron has extensive experience in sales. Ron works as a Realtor with his wife Elizabeth.
        • He enjoys spending time at the gym and eating healthy. Ron is a native of San Antonio, Texas.
      • Elizabeth Whitby - Co-Owner/ C.F.O
                              Elizabeth Whitby
          • Elizabeth has over 17 years of experience in sales in computer industry. 
          • Elizabeth is a 7th generation Texan. She Does NOT enjoy the gym, but willing to try.